Chupacabra Pictures

Chupacabra In Mexico

Pictures Of Sasquatch
Pictures Of Sasquatch

Sasquatch Lineup Small
El Chupacabra Caught
El Chupacabra Caught

Picture Of A Chupacabra Small
The Chupacabra Pictures
The Chupacabra Pictures

Chupacabras In Texas Small

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Comments on

tara says:

Creepy crap

Rod Rick says:

I saw a live Chupacabra today in Pittsburg California. I first noticed it going under the Gate at work. It went around the yard looking for food. When it noticed me it ran to the back, where there was a hole under the fence.

Lisa says:

what is that thing

keely says:

I've herd of a cupacabra but never seen on

Jennifer says:

Maybe, we need to look up to the stars for this answer. Could be alien?

Lori says:

Taking into account that there's such a difference in the various photo's showing obviously different genetics in these animals tends to make one think they've been created by man and are the result of something we've done to our environment.

donna says:

Of course it's real, at least the 2nd from the bottom on the left, because that looks exactly like the one on the news, alive in a cage. Those ones that look like bigfoot or something, I don't think so. It's some kind of animal.

donna says:

There is one in Texas now, it was on the news here in Houston. It looks like the two on the bottom left, the 2nd from the bottom in particular. They caught it in a cage and it's alive, you can see it moving around in the cage, they had trapped it in there. It looks real to me, a scientist said it was some kind of dog, but it was eating with its paws. Interesting. If you want to see it try KHOU Channel 11 Houston. It's obviously not fake, it's some kind of animal but it's surely not a dog or wolf.

Quinton says:

there so coooollllllll

Quinton says:

I wish they were real!!

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